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Newsweek: Opinion: Stop excluding Jews from California juries

May 20, 2024

The Jewish community of California has received ample attention of late regarding the death penalty in California. Most prominently, revelations recently came to light that Jews were routinely excluded from serving as jurors in cases where the death penalty was being sought in California's Alameda County.

Mercury News: Former Santa Clara County sheriff candidate convicted of perjury

May 10, 2024

SAN JOSE — A fringe candidate who ran for Santa Clara County sheriff two years ago has been convicted of perjury for signing a sworn declaration falsely stating she had mandated law-enforcement experience and credentials to hold the office, then later defended herself by calling the requirement unconstitutional.

BankInfoSecurity: Combating Pig Butchering Scams With a Unified Approach

May 10, 2024

Pig butchering scams - a combination of romance and investment scams - have left victims financially bankrupt. According to Erin West, a deputy district attorney in Santa Clara County, California, these scams are multi-faceted. Victims are lured through fake texts, social media messages or dating apps by someone pretending to be romantically interested in them. The scammers then convince the victims to make investments into crypto exchanges, draining their finances completely.

Univision Área de la Bahía: Pareja de padres hispanos enfrentan cargos tras hallazgo récord de fentanilo bajo la cuna de su bebé

May 10, 2024

Las autoridades incautaron más de 25,000 pastillas de fentanilo, las cuales se encontraban bajo la cuna del pequeño de 10 meses de edad. Asimismo, una libra y media de cocaína fue hallada al interior de una caja, justo al lado de la fórmula para el bebé. En la vivienda también encontraron un arma cargada, marihuana y $4,000 en efectivo. El menor está bajo el cuidado de su abuela y se emitió una orden de alejamiento contra la pareja de padres.

Los Angeles Times: Editorial: Of course the death penalty is racist. And it would be wrong even if it weren’t

May 7, 2024

Civil rights organizations and defense attorneys last month asked the California Supreme Court to invalidate the death penalty in this state for being irredeemably racist. Around the same time, Alameda County Dist. Atty. Pamela Price announced that a federal judge had ordered her to review 35 cases her office had handled over the last three decades after she discovered evidence that prosecutors systematically excluded Black and Jewish people from juries hearing capital cases.

NBC Bay Area: Santa Clara DA on fighting fentanyl

April 18, 2024

The battle continues in big cities, and the suburbs, when it comes to fentanyl. On Wednesday, Santa Clara County district attorney said he’s charging two roommates for murder after an 18-month-old girl died of an overdose. NBC Bay Area’s Raj Mathai spoke to DA Jeff Rosen about this case and the latest on the fentanyl crisis.