District Attorney Jeff Rosen speaks at a podium with news media microphones outside the Hall of Justice.

Protecting the heart of Silicon Valley

News release

DA Rosen awards $60,000 in grants, many to help disadvantaged youth

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen today awarded local groups with $60,000 in grants, many of them targeted to help disadvantaged children of color. Some of the DA’s Annual Bend the Arc grants will allow children to go on hikes, college tours, get an internship, or learn from a mentor.


Fighting for victims' rights

District Attorney Jeff Rosen warns of the impacts to violent crime victims from cuts to state funding.

Help The Cold Case Unit solve this 1981 murder

Please help our Cold Case Unit solve this 1981 murder.

2023 State of the Office and DA awards ceremony

Highlights from this year's annual award ceremony and Office address from District Attorney Jeff Rosen.

Ask a criminalist: Who are your science heroes?

Criminalists Cordelia Willis and Melissa Dupree discuss their science heroes.

Ask a Prosecutor: What's the best advice you've ever received?

Prosecutors Olivia Salguero and Lyons George talk about advice given to them and its impact.

Every parent is hopeful for their child’s future

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